Software Assurance for Content Management Solution (CMS) - Yearly Subscription Costs

by Jovan Cvejic, Published:

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What is Software Assurance and Why Do I Need it?

Parador's Software Assurance for CMS Licensing is a comprehensive maintenance offering that helps organizations maximize the business value of their software investment. With Software Assurance, customers will have access to the latest web tools and resources to help them better maintain and optimize their online presence. Software Assurance combines a broad range of benefits into one program, supporting businesses as they deploy, manage, and support their software. Key advantages of Software Assurance include:

  • Enables customers to have the latest software landscape and leverage technology resources to help migrate or transition their software.
  • Increases budget predictability and cost management while helping improve operational efficiencies.
  • Promotes the capabilities of your web/marketing staff through robust software updates and support service benefits.
  • Supports uptime and helps increase productivity through deep product support benefits such as 24x7 email support incidents and unlimited Web support during business hours (9am to 5pm EST).

What is covered?

Your Software Assurance covers all standard CMS functions (add/edit/delete) in addition to any custom applications specifically listed in your CMS Software Assurance Agreement (list is easily found in your recurring invoices).

Software Assurance offers a complete solution that adds value to your CMS software investment. Selected at the time of the first setup or at any time during the calendar year, Software Assurance can be utilized immediately and throughout the term of the licensing agreement.

Yearly Subscription Cost: starting at $895cdn (applicable taxes extra)

Please contact our Web Sales Department for more information and special pricing on volume CMS licensing. 416.PAR.ADOR (416.727.2367)