Parador launches long overdue website

by Jovan Cvejic, Published:


Parador Interactive Inc. launched corporate website in order to facilitate online communications with customers and alliance partners.

So why did it take us so long?

This is one of those questions without a real good answer. We have been so busy servicing our own clients that it's been very difficult to allocate time to develop our own website. There have been at least 3 other real good attempts to get a new site online and every time it happened to be a big project that came in and it totally absorbed all our design and development services for months.

This time, it was a commitment I made to do a guest presentation at a local business networking session (TRP) which forced us to get content together for the presentation and it also motivated us to get some of this fresh, updated content online. And so here we are.

Here is the link to our TRP Guest Presentation (on google docs)