Google's Mobile-Friendly Update - How Did It Affect Our Law Firm Customers?

by Jovan Cvejic, Published:

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Google's Mobilegeddon Affect on Toronto Law Firms Negligible Google forewarned that on April 21st, 2015 their mobile search results would greatly favour websites supporting mobile visitors versus those that do not. This is very unusual for Google as there was no warning on their Panda and Penguin updates which affecting billions of websites causing major search ranking losses. So would this precedent setting advanced warning by Google going to be Armageddon for all those websites not mobile-friendly? 

What happened as a result of Google's Mobile Update?

Well, over the past few weeks we have been closely monitoring our law firm and other customer websites and are happy to report no significant shifts in search results, thus far.

While performing our mobile reviews, we did see some shifts in mobile searches however the the non-mobile friendly websites were were still ranking very well. We expected these sites to be pushed way down in rankings or even appear on second or even third pages.

Based on our review, approximately 35% of current traffic is from visitors using mobile phones and we expect that number to climb close to 45 or even 50% by the end of 2015. So this could be disastrous for your law firm or professional services business if this Google update grows over the next few months. Furthermore, this could be a huge opportunity to outrank many of your online competitors who have yet to make the investment to a mobile-friendly website.

If you would like to test your website to see if it is mobile friendly, try using Google's mobile test tool at

Should you have any questions on this Google update or need help in making your website mobile friendly, please contact us at 416-PAR-ADOR or 1-888-PAR-ADOR (727-2367).