Website Maintenance & Technical Support Policy


This Website Maintenance & Technical Support Policy ("Policy") is effective Monday January 05, 2019, and applies to all Parador Support Service. It covers the Support Service we provide to business customers for website related Software and Technical Support covered under active Support Agreements. We reserve the right to amend this Policy periodically and will post updates at

SCOPE: Parador Interactive Inc. will perform Support Services on your website in accordance with the terms of this Policy, including the section captioned "Limitations" below. We will provide Support Services for custom and third party Software installed by Parador as requested by our business customers. Note that the provisions and definitions of your Support Agreement supersede any inconsistent terms in this Policy or in your License Agreement. You are entitled to receive Support Services during the term of your Support Agreement, based on the offering you purchased, and for Software installed by Parador for which you have purchased Support Services. 

Trouble Ticket Management: We will use commercially reasonable efforts to manage your Trouble Ticket and address your Problem according to our industry support performance targets based on the Severity Level and its complexity, and the support offering purchased. All case management targets and delivery timelines are goals and not commitments, and the actual timing may vary based on the support offering purchased. You must provide us with timely responses and any information we may reasonably need to address your website request. We will take reasonably sufficient steps in a number of ways to address and resolve to the best of our ability.

Limitations: Parador provides Support Services to address issues where your Website does not perform in accordance with its Original Scope Documentation. Therefore, Parador is not responsible to provide Support Services for Website Service that has been damaged by a deliberate act, misuse, accident, modification, natural disaster, act of nature, “act of God,” power failure or surge, unsuitable physical or operating environment, improper maintenance by you or others, or failure caused by components or technology that Parador did not supply. In addition, we are not responsible for delay or inability to provide Support Services due to delays you cause or which are caused by network, system or telephone line problems, or by outages or denials of service or any events outside of Parador's reasonable control. Under this Support Policy, Parador will make every effort to resolve your problem as quickly as possible and according to your level of purchased support services. Once your problem has been completed, your notification of such will be considered correct and resolved to your satisfaction if you do not report errors, omissions or irregulatories to Parador in writing or via email within thirty (30) days of the date Parador emails or otherwise notifies you.

a) "We," "we" or "our" or "Parador" means Parador Interactive Inc, or its subsidiaries

b) "You," "you" or "your" means you as the business customer, the company, or the legal entity that has obtained the Website Software Licensing or requested Website Support to which the Website Maintenance & Technical Support Services apply.

c) Original Scope Documentation refers to the original features of your website we agreed to building and supporting under our support agreement with you.

To further discuss this and any other support policies that may affect you, please contact customer service via email or 647.258.1795 (option #2).