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Software Assurance for Content Management Solution (CMS) - Yearly Subscription Costs

Clock September 17, 2014 Man Jovan Cvejic Comment No comments

What is Software Assurance and Why Do I Need it?

Parador's Software Assurance for CMS Licensing is a comprehensive maintenance offering that helps organizations maximize the business value of their software investment. With Software Assurance, customers will have access to the latest web tools and resources to help them better maintain and optimize their online presence. Software Assurance combines a broad range of benefits into one program, supporting businesses as they deploy, manage, and support their software. Key advantages of Software Assurance include:


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Heartbleed Bug - Parador Websites Unaffected

Published: April 10, 2014

By now you have no doubt heard of the "Heartbleed Bug" throughout the media.  This could be the most significant online security exploit in history.

This particular programming flaw has left any websites utilizing OpenSSL (this includes a very extensive list including Yahoo, Facebook, Flickr etc.) open to allow hackers to see information like your credentials or payment information while transmitting to a website, and in some cases, your information stored on these websites.

We are pleased to report all Parador customer websites have been tested and remain unaffected by this latest...(...(continued)